Mobile Homes for rent on Saterfield Rd., West Monroe
Quiet, spacious lots
Excellent school zone - Woodlawn Elem. & Jr. High and West Ouachita High School
Saterfield Rd is on the east side of Jim Arrant Rd between Caples Rd and Hwy 3033

This page last updated 12/10/18
Saterfield Road Mobile Home Park* 

In order to maintain a safe and desirable community atmosphere the following rules and regulations are established and must be adhered to by all residents and guests.

1. Each resident is responsible for the actions of their children, pets and guests as well as the maintenance of their home and lot. Each resident will take responsibility for maintaining a pleasant park atmosphere, protecting park property and for preventing trespass onto adjacent private property (fenced or unfenced).  

2. Each resident will keep their home and lot clean and well-maintained. Residents will maintain gutters and skirting for their homes with ready access provided under the mobile home for utilities, repair and inspection. No alterations to the park landscape (trees, plants, fencing, etc.) are permitted without approval of the park owner/mgr. Once planted, additions to the park landscape (trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.) become park property. Anything added to the property by tenants (dog pens, storage buildings, satellite dishes, etc.) must have prior approval of park owner/mgr. Any such items added by resident must be removed by resident, at his expense, prior to moving from the park, unless otherwise agreed to, in writing, by the park owner/mgr.

3. Parking must be in approved areas only and must not block access for other residents. All vehicles on park property must be well-maintained and operative. No vehicle overhauls or major repairs are allowed in the park without prior approval of the park owner/mgr. Speed limit in the park is 5 mph and motorized vehicles must stay on designated driveways and parking areas only.  

4. Household garbage must be placed in containers approved by the park owner/mgr. and placed at the designated pick-up locations prior to weekly garbage collection (service paid for by park owner). Trash, debris, junk, hazardous waste, etc. must be transported by the resident to a parish-approved facility or otherwise properly disposed of. No fires of any kind (other than food preparation in grills, broilers or other outdoor cookers) are permitted in the park. No fire should be left unattended, by an adult, for any length of time. Paint, motor oil, gasoline, grease or other hazardous products may not be dumped on park (or adjacent) property or into the park’s sewage system. Only bathroom tissue (toilet paper) should be placed into the sewer system. Personal hygiene products, baby diapers, cleaning products, etc. should be placed in the household garbage and not flushed into the park sewer system.

5. Smoking and pets (unless specified in the lease) are not permitted inside any dwelling in the park. Outside pets are limited to a maximum of two dogs and/or cats that do not cause disturbances to neighbors or damage to Landlord’s or others’ property. All dogs must be restrained at all times. Dogs that exhibit potentially vicious and aggressive behavior at any time are not allowed. Pit bull, rottweiller, chow, doberman and other similar breeds cause considerable apprehension in many people and constitute an unacceptable liability. Decisions on acceptance of such pets are at the discretion of the landlord only. Access to each residence by the landlord, his agents or others that may have a legitimate cause for entrance, must not be impeded by pets that may be deemed to exhibit a vicious or threatening behavior. Tenants are responsible for damages or disturbances caused by their pets as well as pets of their guests.

6. The park’s residents and neighbors, their values and their rights to a peaceful enjoyment of their surroundings, are to be respected at all times. Loud, vulgar, abusive or otherwise annoying noise (including pets), language or conduct is prohibited. Illegal acts by tenants, their families or guests constitute a serious breach of lease and are cause for immediate eviction whether the act(s) were reported to authorities or not. Firearms must be safety-locked and may not be discharged in the park. Business activities, including “yard sales”, causing increased traffic to the park are prohibited without written approval of the park owner/mgr. Parties or other gatherings bringing more than 3 additional vehicles into the park must have 48 hours prior approval of the park owner and all immediately adjacent neighbors—this is not applicable to family-only gatherings. The possession of any illegal weapon or substance by anyone in the park is prohibited. Display (visible to anyone other than material’s owner) of pornographic, subversive (advocating or inciting violence) or other offensive materials—via any media, whether legal or illegal—is prohibited. Any resident or overnight guest who has committed or has been charged with a crime (other than traffic violations) must notify the park owner/mgr. in writing of such within 24 hours of the act or charge.


* The term "Saterfield Road Mobile Home Park" refers to houses and mobile homes owned and managed by Glenn Luttrell.  It is not a business name.  It is simply used as a convenient term of identification and location description of these investment properties.  
**The web address "OuachitaHomes.com" is simply a memorable web address owned and managed by Glenn Luttrell for providing information about his investment properties.  It is not a business name.


148 Saterfield Rd
2 BR - 2 BATH
New paint throughout
Central Heat/AC
Refrigerator - stove
$525 month/$525 deposit
1 year lease
No inside smoking or pets

$35 application fee (per adult)
for credit and background check

Glenn Luttrell
148 Saterfield Rd - 2 BR - 2 Bath
Large master bedroom and bath with large closet
large bath for bedroom 2
large living room, dining room and kitchen with ample cabinets, refrigerator, stove and walk-in pantry
large master bathroom with separate shower and garden tub